You can help make Lighthouse Thame & Villages 2019
a great success!

There are many ways that both adults and under 18s can help. Lighthouse depends on hundreds of volunteers to fulfil lots of varied roles. In 2017 we required almost 500 voluntary helpers throughout the week! Come and join the fun of this event!


Adult roles

As a Lighthouse Keeper you will be looking after a small group of children with the help of 2-3 young people.

Other areas are craft, sport, refreshments, site, administration, crèche, first aid, technical and creative team, the team for Halogen (the event for Young People) and more.

Part time/Full time

Some of the areas at Lighthouse work on a rota basis, so you are not required to be there all day.

Why not consider a job share? If you can’t come every day, you can sign up for just the days you are available and we match you with someone else for the remaining days.

Help at Parent & Toddlers

If you help here, the sessions run daily from 9.45am-12.30pm.

Lighthouse Crèche

If you want to help, but your children are under the age of 4, we have crèche facilities on site for those helpers who have babies and very young children.

Help in the Mini Top

The 4/5 year-old children at Lighthouse are in their own tent called the Mini Top. If you help here you will be finished at 1.30pm.

If you work during Lighthouse week, but still want to help

Maybe you could consider helping for a few hours before or after Lighthouse.

Site Set Up/ Set Down

We need help on the Friday & Saturday before and the Saturday after Lighthouse week. It will take anything from 1 hour to all day with jobs as varied as building fencing, washing tables, marking out car park lines and moving boxes!

There is no DBS required. Just sign up on the Lighthouse website.

Night Security

Do you work during the day but still want to help at Lighthouse? We require men (or a team of 3x ladies) to help with the Night Security.

There is a team of 3x per night so that means you will each get 6 hours sleep, which would still enable you to go to work the following day. No DBS required.

Any amount of time you are able to help is very much appreciated!

Sign up online or for any information speak to your local Church Representative. If you want to discuss and pray about your role, contact .