Helpers' FAQ

We hope these will answer your questions, if not please get in contact.

How do I know if my DBS needs to be renewed?

If you have applied for clearance through us before, DBS checks need to be renewed every 3 years and we will inform you if this is the case. If you have not been DBS cleared through us, but are still part of an organisation where you have already been DBS checked and it is still current, we will need to see your disclosure at the briefing session on the 17 July at Lord Williams's Upper school at 7.30pm.

If you have NO valid DBS, please sign up as a Helper and we will contact you.

New to Lighthouse

If you have not helped at Lighthouse in Thame before, you must come along to the Briefing Session on the 17 July at 7.30pm at Lord Williams's Upper School. This is a good chance to meet some of the team and to find out more.

Helpers' Briefing

Wednesday 17th July, 7.30pm at Lord Williams’s Upper School. This is for everyone helping at Lighthouse in 2019. If you know anyone else coming to that meeting you might like to share a lift or cycle in order to help with parking.

We will notify you of more details by email when we confirm you as a Helper.

Alternative Briefing date

If you cannot make the 17 July please join us on Sunday 28 July at 5pm at Thame Showground. The meeting will be identical, so you won’t miss anything.

Commissioning Service

Sunday 28 July at 4pm in the Big Top at Thame Showground . Get Lighthouse week off to a great start!

Do I need a Lighthouse Tshirt if I am not a Lighthouse Keeper or Lamplighter?

Everyone who is on site needs to wear a Lighthouse Tshirt. You will be given yours at the Helpers' Briefing session if you don’t already have one. You can either borrow one for the week or purchase your own for £5.

Where exactly is Lighthouse, where do I go?

Lighthouse is located at the Thame Showground on the ring road of Thame. The address is: Kingsey Road Thame OX9 3JL

Do I need a car park ticket to park in the Lighthouse car park?

No, there is plenty of parking at the Thame Showground.

Please display your handbook in the window on arrival, then the car park attendants know that you have come to help at Lighthouse and will direct you to the correct parking area.

What do I do if I cannot attend the Helpers' Briefing on the 17 July?

It is mandatory for All helpers to attend a briefing because you will find out important information and have the opportunity to meet the team you will be part of. However, if you are unable to attend either of the meetings, it is important to inform

If you cannot make the 17 July please join us on Sunday 28 July at 5pm at Thame Showground. The meeting will be identical, so you won’t miss anything. You will receive further details nearer the time.

My son/daughter is 16. Does he/she need a DBS?

Yes. DBS checks are required from everyone aged 16 or over during Lighthouse week.

My daughter/son is a Lamplighter. Which meetings does she/he need to attend?

She/he should attend the Helpers briefing on the 17th July (for all volunteers), as well as the Commissioning Service the day before Lighthouse starts.

My son/daughter is 13 and wants to help, but didn’t attend TZone last year. Can he/she still help?

We always welcome new members onto our team so do encourage him/her to apply by signing up as a Helper .

I have a child/sibling attending Lighthouse - is it possible for them to be dropped off at the same time as me in the mornings?

Yes, children or siblings of team members can come at 9am and join the first part of the team briefing session and they are then looked after by members of the sports team until the Lighthouse programme for the rest of the children starts. The children will need to be signed in as usual when you arrive at the site in the morning.

What time will I be required?


Team Time is in the Big Top at 9am every day.

If you are helping with a Lighthouse you will be free to leave site after the team debrief at 4pm.

Any other questions?