Structure of Organisation

A group of Trustees provide the spiritual oversight, leadership and vision of Lighthouse.

They are all committed to local churches, some as pastors/vicars/ministers and others who serve in other ways.
Mike Reading (Curate at St Mary’s, Thame) is leading this team.


Sue Civval (St Catherine’s Church, Towersey)
Catherine Enticknap (St Joseph’s Church, Thame)
Phil Groves (Wychert Vale Benefice, Haddenham)
Paddy Harris (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Thame)
Mike Reading (St Mary’s Church, Thame)
Anthony Taylor (Grace Church, Thame)
Ruth Wallace (Long Crendon Baptist Church)

The Trustees also support the Lighthouse Leadership Team who work behind the scenes to deliver Lighthouse each year.
The team is led by Mark Herbert, one of the pastors at Long Crendon Baptist Church.


Sarah Dyckhoff (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Thame)
Mark Herbert (Long Crendon Baptist Church)
James Hughes (Long Crendon Baptist Church)
Ulrike Kibble (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Thame)
Bridgit Laws (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Thame)
Linda Newton (Barley Hill Church, Thame)
Gloria Pedley (St Mary’s Church, Thame)
Helen Smith (Long Crendon Baptist Church)
Barbara Thompson (Barley Hill Church, Thame)