Lighthouse Central

Lighthouse Thame & Villages is now a charity registered in its own right and has also become part of the Lighthouse family by joining Lighthouse Central.

Lighthouse Central is a charity that has been formed to support existing Lighthouses and set up new Lighthouses across the UK.

Lighthouse began as one event in one village nearly 30 years ago. Today it is attended by around 5000 children with 3000 leaders of all ages in ten Lighthouse locations.

Lighthouse is unashamedly Christian but year after year Lighthouses find themselves oversubscribed as parents scramble to enrol their children. Lighthouse Central has been set up to share this successful experience with churches in towns and cities all across the UK.

Lighthouse Central provides all the materials and resources required to set up and successfully run a new Lighthouse.

The 10-year plan is to reach over 50 cities by the establishment of over 200 new Lighthouses to reach between 50,000 and 100,000 kids.

The first new Lighthouses will open their doors in July 2019.

For more information please go to Lighthouse Central.