Lighthouse Kids

Kids at Lighthouse

Get your children involved in a fantastic week of fun, laughter, dance, song, messy games and of course the daily gunging of a leader!

Although we are expecting hundreds of children, they are divided into small groups called Lighthouses, which are led by a dedicated team.

Each Lighthouse has an adult 'Lighthouse Keeper' and some teenage 'Lamplighters' who help to look after your children throughout the week.

Every day the children start off in the Big Top with some great music, singing and games followed by sports, craft, creative activities as well as age-appropriate Bible teaching.

Twice a day everyone joins together in the Big Top for some noisy fun and games - and the ever-popular gunge tank, where they vote for their favourite leader to be gunged. (Parents are welcome to come and watch the last session of the day, starting at 3pm.)

Age groups for children

  • 10+   (Current school year 5 and 6)
  • 8-9’s (Current school year 3 and 4)
  • 7's     (Current school year 2)
  • 6's     (Current school year 1)

These four age groups follow a full Lighthouse programme and a typical day in the life of Lighthouse looks something like this-:

09.45am   Arrival

10.00am   All together in Big top

10.45am   Games or Craft or Age group time, or Creative session

11.30am   Games or Craft or Age group time, or Creative session

12.15pm   Lunch

12.45pm   All together in Big top

01.20pm   Games or Craft or Creative session

02.05pm   Games or Craft or Creative session

02.50pm   All together in Big top

03.30pm   Home time! 


  • 4s and 5s (pre school and reception)

In the morning they have their own special programme and enjoy the Mini Top, a 4-5s size version of Big Top, followed by a similiar pattern as the one shown above. 

The 4s leave after lunch (collect at 1.05pm please) while the 5s (current school year 1) join the main programme until the end of day (03.30pm).